SHSS**MUTI  Mutifunctional Side Sealing Bag Making Machine

Special Features

 Servo Motor Driven, Efficient mechanical structure

 Automatically stop when running out of film

 Fully Automatic, Large Screen , Easy to read, User Friendly

 Automatically stop when film feeding blocks or bags jam

 Efficient output, less man power required

 Automatically stop when The temperature not reaching setting.

 Digital setup, accurate registration, less waste

 Automatically stop when the bags become super-imposed or overlapped

 Pleasant Cutting and Sealing, with high firmness


 Cutting Blade is very lasting, and easy for adjustment


 Imported high speed conveyor belt for long service life.


Convenient to change for various bag shapes.



Various unwinder and rewinder to meet requirements.


Ruggedly constructed for maximum stability during high speed operations.


Optional Accessories

Round hole punching device.

Bag dividing device.

Butterfly hole punching device.

Automatic hot melt coater.

Automatic product outfeed conveyor.

Hem sealing device

Edge positioning controller (EPC).

Soft loop Bag Making Device

Upper and lower line heating device.

Patch Handle Bag making Device

Solid edge device

Draw Tape Bag Insert Device


 It's available for general side sealing plastic bag, such as OPP bags, hanging Bags, zipper bags, carry bags, book cover, Shirt bags etc.This machine also available for special design.